Election Results Are In

Congrats to ALL Winners! Owners Seat Winners are Shirley Dullea and Joe DiRico Shirley 47% of the vote Joe 36% and Kathleen 17% Trainers Seat Winner Bob Manning Bob 55% of the vote Suzanne 45% of the vote

Note To Members

Members: The election ballots were due postmarked by 12/4. If you have any questions or concerns please contact: Gregg – 617  306 0259 Lynette – 978 457 3444 Ballots will be tallied on 12/14.
2022 Election Ballots

2022 Election Ballots

Attention members the 2022 Election Ballots have been mailed out so be on the lookout and are due back by December 14th 2022 Reminder Trainers you are possibly eligible for Life Insurance and if 65 and over Old Age Assistance Program. If you have any questions in...

NEHBPA Election

Note to Members: All nominations for the NEHBPA election end this Saturday, July 31st.
2022 Election Ballots

NEHBPA Election Results

Today’s NEHBPA Election Results are in. Congrats to Tim Kirby for winning the Trainers Seat and Shirley Dullea and Joe Lewko for the Owners Seat