Dear Members

As you know, the NEHBPA has spent several years now working with various development ideas for a new thoroughbred racetrack in Massachusetts to succeed Suffolk Downs. After some false starts, we now have a winning horse to ride with a developer (and horseman) who has secured land in the town of Sturbridge for a new track facility with stables for retired thoroughbreds and a horse-centered mission.

The prospect for the return of thoroughbred racing in Massachusetts has not been this promising since Suffolk Downs first announced it would close. And now we need your help!

The investment and management team behind the Sturbridge project are also dedicated horsemen and know what they are doing, but we could use your help in contacting your local legislators to tell them you support a new racetrack in Massachusetts — And, you support passage of Sports Betting with a mobile/online application especially.

Sports Betting has been at the top of the legislative priority list and is now under discussion within the legislative leadership. The restoration of thoroughbred racing will create thousands of jobs in Massachusetts and generate close to $100 million in economic activity, including millions in increased taxes for Massachusetts.

Tracks around the country that have tried to survive on just traditional sources of revenue tend to fail. But a new horse track employing widely adopted Sports Betting technology, mobile and online, will sustain the Sturbridge horse track and park and restore a robust breeding program in Massachusetts.

If you are not sure who your state senator or representative is, use this link to find out

If you need more information or have any questions please email us at

Please tell your family and friends as well to contact their rep

Thank you,