There seems to be some Social Media Post causing some confusion about the Health and Welfare Benefits we provide our members, how those funds are managed, and who is entitled to receive them. We hope that the following explanation will clear up any confusion, but please reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

All funding received from the State and distributed by the NEHBPA is and will be reviewed, approved and audited by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

The funds we actually receive is based on the Race Horse Development Fund SPLIT between Thoroughbreds and the Standardbreds. This Split determines what we can provide and the level of benefits to our members.  This is one of the primary reasons we continue to make all efforts to race.  Without live Thoroughbred racing, Standardbreds will continue to seek all or a majority of the Race Horse Development Fund. The result will be a reduction or elimination of what we can budget and provide for our members under the Health and Welfare Program.

Your eligibility on various benefits (long standing bylaw) is based on years of participation as a trainer and number of starts.

Some of the benefits we offer: 

  • Life Insurance- For Trainer and Spouse via Boston Mutual.  (Need to enroll for eligibility)
  • Old Age Assistance – Based on qualifications Age/Starts.  (Need to fill out an application form)
  • Eyeglasses – 1 pair per year with a maximum provision, based on eligibility.
  • Medex Supplement.  (Need to fill out an application form for eligibility)
  • Benevolence (Need to fill out an application form and based on eligibility)

All benefits at any time can be changed (increased/decreased/dissolved) at the discretion of the board.  This could be the direct result of the funding received as noted above.

If you need more information feel free to contact the office or reach out to any board member you may know.

Thank You