To All NEHBPA Members

Please be advised that the NEHBPA and our Lobbyist are doing everything we can to protect the Race Horse Development Fund ( RHDF).

Just recently when the House went after the RHDF funding, it was blocked as a direct result of the diligent work done by our Lobbyist, members, supporters, and the NEHBPA.

While the Senate is now making an attempt to appropriate 15 million from the fund, that does NOT necessarily mean racing is over. First a committee of 6 members will be established, 3 from the House and 3 from the Senate, and should they succeed the money would not be paid out until 2018.

At that time, the NEHBPA and our Lobbyist again will advocate the need to preserve that funding, at which time, we will reach out to ALL our supporters to help spread the message!

“Save the RHDF, save and create jobs, save and invest in farms, save the breeding programs, invest in the breeding program and more importantly SUPPORT the Massachusetts Horse Park (and race track).”

Shortly, we will be publishing how the financials of the Horse Park are viable, self-sustainable and financially feasible though the Financial Evaluation Study.

Thank you