Standardbred industry ramps up its campaign to obliterate future of thoroughbred racing – Reminder it was the NEHBPA that wrote the language to make sure both breeds received funding from the Casinos and Racinos. It was the NEHBPA that allocated the distribution of SPLIT for Purses, Breeders Program and Health and Welfare Program NOT the Standardbreds and now they want to take it ALL

Members we need you to ACT NOW

The standardbreds are asking the state’s Horse Racing Commission to once again cut revenue that the thoroughbred industry receives through the Race Horse Development Fund (RHDF) by changing the current 60-40 split (that favors standardbreds) to ALL the funding 100% even though the thoroughbred industry still has a larger interest and contributes more to the Commonwealth than the Standardreds.

The NEHBPA Health and Welfare program offers to its members many levels of support from Old Age Assistance, Med Ex Coverage, Life Insurance and other benefits that supports the men and women who have spent their career in horseracing are now at risk of LOSING ALL FUNDING

The NEHBPA is asking its members – especially those who benefit from the Health and Welfare program and Breeding Program to EMAIL Subject Line HRC SPLIT

Let them know how important and instrumental securing the RHDF is for potential investors on building a track in Massachusetts but more important your lively hood as a breeder or the Health and Welfare Benefits you depend on from the NEHBPA that support you.

Email Now please !!!