Dear Members:

We write this notice to inform you that two members of a small rival group making false claims to Boston Mutual regarding our Life Insurance Policy now puts you at risk of losing your benefit and or amount of life insurance available to you. We are working diligently to resolve this matter and will keep you posted

Also as a result we are now reviewing the Old Age Assistance program and we might have to make additional cuts in new members eligibility and those currently on the program. Let it be known that we’ve been racing to protect the RHDF and the Health and Welfare program to help you our members. We’ve made a request to the MGC to Escrow the RHDF for the future of racing and securing your benefits

As it stands we HELP Trainers today with Life Insurance, Old Age Assistance, Benevolence, Eye Glasses, Health Insurance, Med Ex and Scholarships resulting in over HUNDREDS of local horsemen and women that we help daily!

We allocate/budget every penny received from the RHDF to our horsemen which is audited by the MGC

As a reminder to Trainers ALL benefits that the NEHBPA offers has long standing eligibility requirements and forms you MUST complete to determine if you are eligible and to participate. It is always recommend to reach out to us to see if you are eligible or at minimum request the Forms/Applications to be completed and sent back to us for processing

Thank you for your continued support