Dear NEHBPA Members:

As most of you know, the NEHBPA has been engaged with the state Horse Racing Commission over the past several years to protect the revenue that has supported both our racing purses as well as the Health and Welfare Assistance program that we have managed on behalf of our retired trainers. Some 200 members depend on this assistance for some of the ancillary health benefits that they need.

This program – and indeed the culture of the thoroughbred racing sport in Massachusetts – is now being threatened by the Standardbred industry in Massachusetts that is seeking 100 percent of the revenues that support the program and purses. Our benevolent program is one of the oldest in the country and precedes the state’s support. It is what we mean when we say at the NEHBPA is fundamentally about Horsemen Helping Horsemen. This attempt by the Standardbreds to have the Horse Racing Commission increase their share from the current level of 65 percent of all funding to 100 percent amounts to Horsemen undercutting other Horsemen.

We need you to speak up and end this aggressive attack on the Thoroughbred Horsemen who have dedicated their lives and careers to advancing this sport for decades in Massachusetts.

At a moment in our history when we are finally making strides toward opening a new venue for thoroughbred racing in Massachusetts, the Commission needs to support our efforts and the legitimate financial security of our retired members.  Any additional adjustment to the split of the Race Horse Development Fund will:

  • Undermine investment confidence in the future of thoroughbred racing;
  • Wipe out the availability of purses to attract thoroughbreds to race in Massachusetts; and
  • Jeopardize our Breeding and Health and Welfare Benefits programs.

We need you to act today in defense of your association and the benefits that you and others receive and tell the Horse Racing Commission to please leave the current split in the Fund alone. Protection of the thoroughbred sport in Massachusetts is consistent with the expressed mission of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and essential to the wellbeing and welfare of our trainers, breeders and employment base in Massachusetts.

The standardbreds do not need more revenue to support their members, harness racing or even their benefits’ programs.

Please ACT now and send that email to or mail us directly at NEHBPA PO BOX 388 Revere MA 02151