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President's Message

Presidentís Message by Anthony Spadea, Jr

High Hopes for the Future

My name is Anthony Spadea, Jr. I am the new President of the NEHBPA effective November 2011.

I started horseracing in 1968 at Narragansett Racetrack and have continued my love for racing since. Karl Grusmark has been my trainer for 42 years. In November 2011, Karl proudly won his 2,000th race. I have been breeding thoroughbreds for the last 35 plus years and presently race in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

I have a strong desire to be actively involved in this industry and have held several association positions both in the past and present.† I have been past President of the NEHBPA and on the Board of Directors for 6 of the last 9 years. I have been on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association for the past 15 years and been MTBA Treasurer for last 9 years.

As President, it is my hope and goal to bring about changes that will improve:† thoroughbred racing; living conditions, lifestyle, pension, and medical programs for the backstretch; and benefit programs for all horsemen.† Although the horseracing industry has been experiencing some difficult times, we are excited about the new opportunities coming to New England with the opening of casinos. We are going to follow the lead of other racetracks, such as those in Indiana and Pennsylvania, whose fortunes have changed due to the addition of casino revenues.† It is my ambitions to take what these tracks have experienced and use it to improve on what we can achieve. I am looking forward to working with track management and the new casino possibilities, which will allow Suffolk Downs to become a major player in the racing industry on the East coast and give us a chance to give back to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in terms of added jobs and revenue. We will keep the racing community aware of our progress and invite people to share any help or suggestions.

†I would like to close with a Thank You to the many horsemen and organizations who helped and supported us during recent negotiations.† Itís nice to know that we can stand by each other during difficult times and we are looking forward to the future of the horseracing industry.

Anthony Spadea, Jr.
New England HBPA President

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